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Growing up in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Modesta knew from a young age that she wanted to stand in the gap for others.

This lawyer-turned Africa Human Capital Transformation Expert now equips  African leaders to hold their own in the uber-competitive global economy.


In her 17-year career, Modesta has equipped and strategically positioned 100,000+ African professionals for career and business impact, written 9 Career and Business books, and reached audiences of over 20 million globally.

Modesta is on a quest to equip 100m global African leaders through live and on-demand online Executive Leadership Coaching, Business Consulting, and branding products.


Appreciating the context you make decisions in daily, Modesta's has curated live and on-demand solutions to prevailing leadership challenges of often volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous African environments.


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"I am where I am and the leader that I am because I learned from the best, she is real and she is raw. Looking back, I honestly am thankful that our paths crossed as she helped build my character and kingdom business principles. To sum it up, Modesta has a calling of grooming leaders and she is GREAT AT IT!"

Lilian Madeje

Managing Director, Ekihya, Niajiri Platform 

"My first encounter with Modesta in a professional context was ironically by reputation. Her leadership and quick grasp of complex ideas in the cultural context in which we were working was exceptional. My own life has been enriched by someone who has taken seriously the idea of investing in others around her."

Charles Porter

Founder, Life Cartography

"She saw the greatness in me while I was still fumbling in confusion and mediocrity. Modesta gives it to you raw. She is not one to beat around the bush when it comes to inspiring people to grow in their capacity as leaders. She has been a mentor, a counselor, and a coach like no other." 

Khalila Mbowe

Founder & MD, Unleashed Africa


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