Fight yourself

for yourself!

  • Do you sense that your capacity is limiting hour career and business success and impact?

  • Do you want more but can't figure out how to go from "here" to "there"?

  • Do you struggle aligning work and life goals?

  • Do you sense that if you don't do something now, your current reality will not let you rise to your greatness?

I can relate!




1. Book a Discovery Call


Schedule a call at a time that works for you. on the Intake Form, briefly state what you do, the situation you are facing, and where you feel stuck, and seek support.


2. Engage in Consultation


Have an in-depth discussion, giving Modesta the opportunity to understand the context surrounding the challenge, and guide you to formulating the success strategies you are willing to take to drive your solution. 


3. Choose a Tailored Solution


On the call, Modesta will propose tailored solutions for you can execute on your own or, with her expert guidance.

Leaders experience far greater pressure to deliver results in volatile and uncertain environments yet, by virtue of seniority, receive the least support to enable them to do so.


With over 16 years of experience supporting C-Suite and Board leaders deliver results in VUCA environments, you will find Modesta an experienced, trustworthy and, invested Executive Leadership Coach that wants you to succeed and creates a structured system of accountability to ensure you do.


Available on-demand, you can tailor a program that works around your career and business needs and schedule, yet stays on track to deliver results within the agreed coaching period.

3-Step Business Consulting


1. Intake Form


Briefly state what you do, the situation you are facing, and where you think you are stuck, and need help.


2. Discovery Call


Have an in-depth consultation with Modesta, clarifying the roles, functions, and context surrounding your challenge to formulate the strategies that will drive your solution. 


3. Strategy Call


Equipped with insight from your Discovery Call, and extensive research, and business consulting expertise, Modesta will guide you to review preferred strategies, and capture your commitment for implementation. 

The Masterplan Class is a10-week, fully online, transformational career and business coaching program that equips market leaders with success strategies to increase income, influence, and impact.

Join the ranks more than 100+ leaders that have taken the Masterplan Class since 2018.

  • Review your personal, professional, financial, and impact goals

  • Evaluate your current career and business positioning

  • Develop a work and life plan to increase your income, influence, and impact 

  • Design your personal brand to catapult your career and business success


Modesta Mahiga-Mbughuni

Named "One of Africa's Movers & Shakers" by The Times of London

Modesta is an Executive Leadership Coach, Business Consultant, Author, Keynote Speaker, and Media Personality.


Charged with the vision of Africa as a global economic powerhouse, she is committed to equipping 100 million purpose-driven, high-performing leaders to achieve exponential growth and impact.

In her career, Modesta has reached audiences of over 20 million people, written 8 Career and Business books, placed 100,000+ professionals in organizations, and directly equipped over 200 executive leaders globally.

Modesta is also an honoree of global leadership fellowships including African Leadership Institute, President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative, Fortune Most Powerful Women Global Mentoring Program, Purpose Leadership Forum, Tanzania Women of Achievement, and Tanzania Women in Management Awards.

She is a board director of several non-profits focused on equipping African women for career and business success.


Modesta is married to Mhando Philemon Mbughuni and they are parents to two dynamic world changers.


Lilian Madeje

Managing Director, Ekihya, Niajiri Platform, 

"I am where I am and the leader that I am because I learned from the best, she is real and she is raw. Looking back, I honestly am thankful that our paths crossed as she helped build my character and kingdom business principles. To sum it up, Modesta has a calling of grooming leaders and she is GREAT AT IT!"

Charles Porter

Founder, Life Cartography

"My first encounter with Modesta in a professional context was ironically by reputation. Her leadership and quick grasp of complex ideas in the cultural context in which we were working was exceptional. My own life has been enriched by someone who has taken seriously the idea of investing in others around her."

Khalila Mbowe
Founder & MD, Unleashed Africa

"She saw the greatness in me while I was still fumbling in confusion and mediocrity. Modesta gives it to you raw. She is not one to beat around the bush when it comes to inspiring people to grow in their capacity as leaders. She has been a mentor, a counselor, and a coach like no other."