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Executives Struggle Privately

Many Don't Admit It Until It is Too Late

The top 3 concerns executive leaders have shared with me are, struggling to build:


1. Their credibility amongst peers and other high-level decision-makers in their organizations and industries 


2. Skills and systems to oversee project delivery across volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business environments


3. The character, competencies, and engagement to lead diverse, and geographically dispersed teams of leaders with motivations, personalities, and abilities that are different from theirs



Being at the top of the proverbial food chain, executive leaders are often the assumed go-to experts and have little to no support to effectively deliver in their roles.


They are simply expected to deliver, and to do so speedily.


So they put their game face on and push through as best as they can. Many only seek help when the personal and business cost to maintaining the status quo is too great to sweep under the rug.


It doesn’t have to be this way.


I help executive leaders overcome barriers to greater effectiveness, growth, and impact.


I can help you to


1. Identify barriers to your personal and organizational effectiveness, growth, and impact

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2. Define measurable developmental goals based on your personal and organizational priorities


3. Develop short, medium, and long-term plans to overcome each of your  prioritized problem


4. Implement your development plan with tracking, accountability, and milestone evaluation against desired outcomes


5. Secure post-engagement support for your continuous improvement



My name is Modesta Mahiga-Mbughuni

I am a Board and Senior Management Executive, Management Consultant, and Business Owner, with a rich 17-year, multi-sector, global experience.

I am also a Certified Advocate of the High Court, Executive Coach, Business Trainer, Change Management, and Project Management Professional.

It has been my life's privilege to support board and executive leaders such as yourself, in the public, private, non-profit, academic, media, and international development sectors, dealing with a wide portfolio of personal and organizational challenges (see Bio).

I welcome you to free leadership insights, strategies, and tools when you subscribe FREE to Leadership Success Emails below.

You can also book a Discovery Call to explore options to work together on your leadership development goals.



Rehmah Kasule 
Founder, CEDA International, Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative

"Unleashing infinite possibilities!

Modesta Africa Executive Coaching enabled me to design professional strategies that have positioned me as a brand name and expert in gender mainstreaming and the “future of work” to create pathways for youth employment in Africa. I strongly believe that Africa’s transformation will depend on curious individuals and organizations like Modesta Africa that has developed innovative solutions for human capital development backed by global exposure and local knowledge.  For anyone looking to become a bullet-proof leader, I highly recommend Modesta Africa Executive Coaching. The flexible schedules will enable you to achieve life-long learning to unleash infinite professional opportunities beyond your imagination."


Kavazeua Katjomuise
Team Leader, United Nations Office of the Special Adviser on Africa

"I have worked with Modesta at Modesta Africa Executive Coaching to help me create a personal development plan and enhance my professional profile. She has helped me design professional strategies for career positioning aligned with my goals and passions. She helped me think through some difficult issues by asking difficult probing questions. As a coach, she can be direct and blunt at times in her questioning-all is meant at helping the client discover their own reality. 


She truly believes in Africa’s potential and is passionate about nurturing the next generation of change agents and influencers to propel the continent forward. With Modesta on your side, you can reach your God-given potential. 


I highly recommend Modesta Africa Coaching."


Imelda Lutebinga
Human Resources Director, G4S

"I sought to enhance my personal brand to position for board of director, and regional positions of impact. 


I joined the Masterplan Class, then took the post-Masterplan Vision Activator Strategic Leadership Development Program. I have now been appointed to boards (American Chamber of Commerce - Tanzania) and Pan African positions to impact women entrepreneurship and financial inclusion (Ambassador, United Nations Women Entrepreneurship Day (WED) Tanzania and Deputy Regional Director, WED (14 Countries).


With a stronger personal brand, I have also secured further leadership development in global programs such as the U.S. State Department Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI), Cherie Blair Foundation, and a G4S senior leadership mentoring program."

Lilian Madeje
Managing Director, Ekihya, Niajiri Platform 

"I am where I am and the leader that I am because I learned from the best, she is real and she is raw. Looking back, I honestly am thankful that our paths crossed as she helped build my character and kingdom business principles. To sum it up, Modesta has a calling of grooming leaders and she is GREAT AT IT!"

Charles Porter
Founder, Life Cartography

"My first encounter with Modesta in a professional context was ironically by reputation. Her leadership and quick grasp of complex ideas in the cultural context in which we were working was exceptional. My own life has been enriched by someone who has taken seriously the idea of investing in others around her."

Khalila Mbowe
Founder & MD, Unleashed Africa

"She saw the greatness in me while I was still fumbling in confusion and mediocrity. Modesta gives it to you raw. She is not one to beat around the bush when it comes to inspiring people to grow in their capacity as leaders. She has been a mentor, a counselor, and a coach like no other." 


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