Purpose-Driven Leadership Development Framework

There are 4  Leadership Stages 

Self | Others | Organizational | Industry

Whether to influence and impact at work or at home, we all need to develop through 4 stages of leadership.


I believe I’m meeting you at either one of these four stages of your journey of becoming a more:

1. authentic and aligned person (self leadership)

2. supportive guide to others (mentor-leadership)

3. effective steward (organizational leadership

4. influential contributor (industry thought leader)

Having had so many pour into my leadership journey as mentors, coaches, cheerleaders, and confidantes, I know how critical it is to find the right support, from the right source, at the right time.

That’s where I come in.


Our connection will help you:

1. identify what is most important to you

2. design your daily life and work to prioritize what’s most important to you (and remove everything else that is not)

3. build the skills and support system you need to achieve your goals and aspirations

4. positively impact your spheres of influence for generations

I created the Purpose-Driven Leadership Development Framework to help you through what I have come to perceive as the 4-Stages of Leadership Development, beginning with Self-Leadership, then Others (Mentor-Leadership), followed by Organizational Leadership, and finally Industry Leadership.

Purpose-Driven Leadership Development Framework.png

Leadership Growth Objective​


Under self-Leadership, you seek to grow your capacity by developing your character, competence, and personal daily routine.


In Leading Others, you seek to grow your Influence, and therefore need to develop in Emotional Intelligence, Trustworthiness, Mentor-Leadership, and Organization Skills.


Organizational Leadership requires you to elevate your leadership to influence organizational results by developing Strategic Thinking, Organizational Development, establishing Management Systems, Collaboration, and ensuring Business Continuity.

Finally, at the stage of influencing Industry Leadership, appreciating the collective work of numerous stakeholders to the current environment, your Leadership Development focuses on growing your Impact. This requires you to develop and distinguish yourself in Thought Leadership, mobilize Stakeholder Ownership, pull together around a Legacy Initiative, and solidify your leadership contribution through Systemic Adaptation.


How to Use the Purpose-driven Leadership Development Framework


the critical leadership competencies and tools for each stage of Leadership Development


the leadership development focus areas and sequence (Self, Others, Organizational, Industry


to develop the prerequisite leadership qualities for entry to the next stage of Leadership Development

To learn more about the Purpose-driven Leadership Development Framework and how you can apply it to develop, your, your team, organization, and industry leadership, book a Discovery Call with Modesta.

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