What's Under Your Hood?

Many of our businesses fail because we rush to create business brands that look good, before we build business engines that work well. 

These 6 questions will guide you to sustainably source, start, and scale your business by design:

1. What do I want my business to deliver?

2. What business model will drive those results? 

3. Which critical components need to come together to create that kind of business machine?

4. How must the components work individually, and together to deliver projected results?

5. What resources does the business need to build that?

6. How can the business source them?

By all means, first do your research to understand your market. Then, immediately focus on building what is under the hood (your business engine) that will support and sustain the cover (product delivery and brand engagement).

This way you can continuously attract and serve your target customer from start to scale.

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