When You Show Up, Show Up!

I posted this on my social media platforms this day in 2019.

Yesterday, I was watching Carla Harris’ “Tools for Maximizing Your Success” she had shared with Linkedin Talent Connect in 2018. One of her “hard-earned and hard-learned” pearls of wisdom was to be authentic. Apart from being a successful Wall Street investment banking executive for over 3 decades, Carla is also a celebrated singer, prayer warrior, writer, speaker, mother and a host of other titles and roles she plays. She said authenticity breeds trust and without trust, you cannot create the “relationship currency” with others that you will need to climb into leadership, after your “performance currency” has proved you capable. Carla reminds us, “Nobody can be you the way you can be you. It is your distinct competitive advantage.”

The two pics you see of me above were taken at the 2011 AGOA Conference in #Lusaka, #Zambia. On recommendation from the U.S. Ambassador in #Tanzania, I had been chosen by the State Department to represent the voice of Africa Youth Responsible Business Network. On one, you see me as a panelist, seriously listening to a colleague’s contribution as we exchanged views and, on the other, I am goofing off as I “Dua” in my traditional Hehe dance. Kamwene! Both of these women are me. And both of these women (and a few, okay, fine, QUITE A FEW others) come with me everywhere I go, every time. Whether at home, work, church, public meetings, prepped in front of the camera, both Modesta the I’ma-have-fun-with-this-at-peace-in-the-skin-I’m-in and, Modesta the thought leader invested in equipping leaders and transforming Africa’s human capital policy and practice for global economic competitiveness, show up. And ask anyone who has known me since childhood, when I show up, I show up. Authentically. Secure in my identity, confident in my ability, focused on my purpose, and empowered by my God, I walk into a room and take a seat at the table like I belong. Because I do! God created you on purpose for purpose. You are extremely valuable and infinitely powerful. ALL OF YOU, just as you are.

Why would you want to mask or subdue parts of you to try to fit in with others? What if “you” are the difference “they” need for your common pursuit to stand out and be distinguished in the market? Carla Harris assures us “Most people are not comfortable in their own skin so when they see someone who is comfortable and confident in their own skin they will gravitate towards you. They absolutely want some of that!” Be you. Do you. Intentionally. Authentically. And allow others to do the same. You will be surprised by the paradigms in innovation, and dimensions in performance that will be inspired by the fusion of your diversity and inclusion. What are you going to do to be a more authentic you today? #Authenticity #KeepItReal #YourPower #Diversity #Inclusion #Culture #Comfort #Confidence #BeYou #DoYou #Live #HaveFun #Shine #Mat514_16 #PurposeDriven #Leadership #Career #Business #PersonalBranding #Growth #Success #Strategy #Coach #Consultant #Mentor #Sponsor

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